Guided Raccoon Hunting
by Expert Raccoon Hunter
Jim Hunter

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What we are all about

Hello, my name is Jim and I have been raccoon hunting in the beautiful Southwest portion of Wisconsin near Ontario for over 50 years.  Raccoon hunting is such a wonderful sport that I want to share the experience with other people who are interested and maybe even a few who aren't so interested.  It is very peaceful walking through the woods at night, looking at the bright stars that you can see here in rural Wisconsin, enjoying the silence, and then starting the chase when the dogs get hot on the trail of a big coon.  

Coon hunting is very involved when someone is just starting out, and I guess it continues to stay very involved thoughout.  Not only do you need a rifle, license, boots, warm clothes, knife and all the other normal things you would need for deer, squirrel, or turkey hunting but you also need a quality, well trained, very healthy, and fearless coon hound.  The fanciest rifle, sharpest knife, cleanest boots mean nothing if you have a dog that would rather sniff out your old socks than chase down a coon. 
Honestly, that is why I am able to GAURANTEE all of my clients will be able to shoot at a coon or their hunt is
100 % FREE !!! 

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